The Epiphany Process

At Epiphany, our ultimate passion is creating exciting, unique, and memorable events free of stress that your guests will applaud for years to come. We specialize in guiding you to the best possible event reflective of your vision, priorities, and budget. Having spent years building relationships with tested vendors, we’ve developed the resources to create an outstanding event with top-notch results! Our first priority is listening; understanding our clients’ needs and developing a cohesive plan is our specialty. Our fees are typically established as a percentage of the overall event budget or as a flat fee based upon the estimated budget.

Meet Holly

Full Event Planning & Design

Let Epiphany take the lead on your event and make your planning process one to remember. We will walk you through every step of the planning process getting to know you, your goals, inspiration, and style. We will manage vendor selection, contract negotiation, floorplans, programming, timelines, and event design. We are with you through every step of planning and will conduct all aspects of event execution leaving you to relax and enjoy the process while our team of experts delivers on a curated event from start to finish.

Event Planning Consultations

Holly is available for consultations by the hour; consultative meeting(s) to include, but not limited to: sharing event resources and templates, answering event-related questions, recommending reliable vendors, and assisting in unique and creative event concepts.